Our Design Process

Freelance graphic designer

Graphic designer in Singapore

Freelance graphic designer

Graphic designer in Singapore

"Freelance graphic designer" We are the best "Freelance graphic designer" in Singapore. We are also the freelance Graphic designer for the clients who want to freelance their work and We want to know about you and your needs. "Freelance graphic designer" "Freelance graphic designer" "Freelance graphic designer" Graphic designer in Singapore, Graphic designer in Singapore, "Graphic designer in Singapore"

We want to know about you and your needs

Before we start on your project, we provide a questionnaire to have an understanding of the nature of your business and the message you wish to convey to your customers. This will help us to establish your goals. We will guide you through the entire design process. 

This step is essential to establish our professional relationship to move forward and achieve your company goals.

Once both of us have agreed on the scope of project and the cost involved, an upfront payment of 50% needs to be made before work begins.

The fun part begins

Taking the information gathered in the previous step, we set to work on understanding how to best approach your needs. This involves taking a deeper look into your target audience and competitors.

We will then proceed with the concepts and present them to you for further discussion with our Graphic designer in Singapore. We will refine the design until it is outstanding and effective that meets the business objectives.

Taking the next step forward

We will email to you the design files once the final payment has been made.

We can discuss other deliverables required to apply the newly crafted design. We also provide "freelance graphic designer" services to enhance your experience. We appreciate your feedback to us as it serves as a guideline to continuously improve our processes and give our best. It will also be used as references to other clients.