5 Tips for freelance graphic designer in Singapore

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Freelance graphic designer in Singapore

Hello fellow designers.

I’m sure some of you may face difficulty in getting clients. You may be a design student trying to build your portfolio, a full-time office worker earning a side income by doing freelance design, or an experienced "freelance graphic designer in Singapore" like myself. However, I believe these tips would be useful for you.

1. Show only your best works in your portfolio. Clients can tell if you are an amateur or a professional based on your work. Never use others' work and claim them to be yours! You can cheat in the initial stage but you won't be able to sustain that lie in order to become a good professional freelance graphic designer in Singapore.

2. Talk like an expert. You can’t pretend to be one so make sure you know what you are talking about. Clients want to make sure that you will be able to help them achieve results. The questions you ask, the answers you give, and the ideas you propose will be the determining factor if they have found the right person to do the job. Don’t jump straight to do the design. Instead take the time to research, ask questions, and experiment so that you can come up with a quality design.

3. Don’t spoil the market by quoting clients a low price. Price may be the least important to a client. Don’t work so hard and paid a pittance. There is no motivation. There is no quality. Worst if you end up giving a poor quality design. Your reputation is gone in this case.

4. Still on the subject of price, DON’T compromise on your rates. There are many cheapskate clients out there who will try to low-ball you until your balls can’t shrink further :p. Please, if a client tries to do that, reject them. Say no and move on.

5. And lastly, promptly reply to messages. If a potential client messages you, try to reply immediately. Don’t take days to reply. By the time you reply, they would have found a Freelance graphic designer. Clients expect an immediate reply. If you are slow, bye-bye. Provide your contact details so that they can reach you easily. If not, they will end up chatting with me because I am readily available (😂).


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