Find out if you need to have your logo redesigned

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Find out if there is a need to have your logo redesigned and to rebrand your company with the following tips:

- Does your logo reflects the type of business your company provides? - Does the logo gives the right impression to potential customers, in providing quality services and products?

- Does your logo looks good on various sizes, big or small, and on both white and coloured background?

- Do people recognize your logo?

- Do you have the working file, or the eps file of your logo?

- Does your logo looks sharp on all promotional materials?

If your answers to these questions are mainly NO, then it is very likely that you need to re-brand. This is due to the logo not serving the purpose of improving the company’s image and generate sales. It could also be the case that you only possess a poor quality and low-resolution version of your logo, which looks really bad on any medium.

If you are having this problem, get in touch with our Singapore logo designer to get it sorted out. 


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