First impression matters! The importance of great graphic design for your company.

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

This first impression depends on many factors: images, colors, spacing, symmetry, text, fonts, and more. Studies has shown that the look and feel of the company is the main driver of first impressions.

When visitors do not like some aspect of the design, and when they leave, the other things that the company has to offer were not explored further. Consumers assess the credibility of the company based on the overall visual design of the branding, including logo, typography, font size, color schemes and promotional materials. Great design gets people to trust you and to stick around.

Poor design creates mistrust and makes people leave. Visually appealing stimuli is a very important tool for getting people to stay longer on the site and thus converting more visitors into buyers. Invest in design – it’s what matters the most for pulling customers in. If their first impression is negative, it might cause the user to have prejudice against you for years.

My best advice: don’t try to save money on design, ever. Invest in high quality design to convey your messages effectively.


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