I am the worst graphic designer

Updated: Mar 31, 2020


I ask a lot of questions. It is as if I am getting married to you.  I ask about the history of your company, what values you hold on dear to and what your product or service unique selling points are. I even ask you who your competitors are and how you stand out from them. I know I am such a busybody. I drill you with too many questions to understand your business better and ensure you achieve your objectives.


You have all the ideas in the world but I refuse to just do what you tell me to, because I will tell you that I am a professional designer and to let me handle the creatives. You want fancy beautiful design but I will rebut and tell you that a design needs to be effective and functional for it to work for the business. I will keep telling you that fancy beautiful design is useless if it does not serve your business. We will both agree not to finalise the design as long as the design is not up to the mark.


You keep telling me that you have little budget for your design work and I will tell you to keep your money or just do it on your own. I will tell you to understand the value of design and how it will impact your business, thus cheap design will never be effective for you. I will tell you to go to cheap designers if you insist, and you will get ready made logos or template from free websites. If you are not serious about your company’s impression, then I will not work with you.

If you still want to work with me, the worst graphic designer, drop me a message. It will be the ride of your life.


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